Language: English
Running time: 105 minutes
Rated: PG-13
Producers: Jamie Sernoff, Jon Sumple and Jack Roth
Director/Editor: Jon Sumple
Production Designer/Editor: Patrick Lomantini II
Story concept: Jack Roth and Jon Sumple
Music: Anton Patzner
Original Song: "Misunderstood" by Kyle Sumple



Reviews for "extraordinary: the stan romanek story" ...

"extraordinary: the stan romanek story"contains an overwhelming collection of evidence. It demonstrates that a simple man is in contact with a different reality."

Jaime Maussan
Mexico's leading ufology journalist

"Praise for the producers of j3Films for this compelling portrayal of the personal side of alien abduction. For anyone who has wondered if they have experienced contact with otherworldly beings, "extraordinary: the stan romanek story" is a must-see."  

Yvonne Smith, C.Ht.
President, CERO International 

"I will be recommending this movie to those who are interested in, or would like a glimpse into, the ET contact experience and how it affects those of us having experiences, those around us and our outlook on life."  

Peter Maxwell Slattery
Experiencer, author, lecturer
Host of The Peter Maxwell Slattery Show

"I was blown away and walked away wanting more. "extraordinary: the stan romanek story" is jammed packed with some incredible evidence, and it shows how a man and his family are tormented by something the public does not believe exists. It provides the viewer with evidence and a story - a human story we all can relate to. You can really feel the anxiety and emotion in Stan and Lisa as they recount their years of encounters with the unknown. This film will even make skeptics question what they believe."  

Christina George
Paranormal Investigator/Ufologist
Radio host of Paranormal Connections and Aliens, Ufos & Beyond

"Truly lives up to its title: a truly extraordinary film. Whether you believe in the UFO phenomenon or not, this controversial film is a must-see for all. Amazing footage of craft, orbs and even extraterrestrial entities, coupled with actual equations given to Stan by the star people -- which have top physicists scratching their heads since none of these exotic equations could have been made up or found on the Internet. Are we being told how to create wormholes? Or how to travel faster than light? Those answers will one day be found, but in the meantime, watch this film that follows an ordinary man who consistently experiences extraordinary circumstances, many caught on tape and gift-wrapped for you, the viewer, to see!"

Dr. J Andy Ilias
Radio host
R.O.A.M. Productions
(Researchers On A Mission)